Cloud Places

I've walked the highland meadows fair, I've watched the great hawks fly,

I've seen the rainbow touch the earth from pinnacles on high,

And seen the lights of distant homes through evening's darkening mist,

I've walked where tears and laughter merge at beauty such as this.

Much of my life I've seen from here, walking to journey's end,

I've walked and thought the miles by and seen them as my friend.

Sometimes with weary feet I walk the gaps and valleys low,

Through laureled paths near streams that run to rivers far below,

O were my heart a water-brook that, singing, runs its course,

From mountain top to quiet lake and dies with no remorse.

I labor down with restless steps, impatient with the trail,

I have no love for traveled roads where mundane ways prevail.

I've walked for years with all my sons, from little ones to grown,

I've seen them change from boys to men who walk new trails their own,

They started walking close to Dad, but now they walk ahead,

Their leader for so many years is now the one who’s led,

And all of them still walk with me, though trails are now apart,

They comfort me in lonely hours, still resting in my heart.

A thousand hours I've walked this path, two thousand miles or more,

And all of these I've walked with her, the one I most adore,

Every mile she's in my thoughts, my heart in longing calls,

I yearn to share the beauties here, or when loneliness befalls,

I oftentimes will look for her, perhaps just up the way,

Or maybe I've gone on too fast and she has been delayed -

Whatever paths our lives may take, whatever God may send,

We'll share the trail while life still lasts, and meet at journey's end.