December 1, 1995

Hillsborough, NC

Dear Friends,

Blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus! We greet you again at this joyous time, hoping that the past year has been a happy and productive one for you and your families near and far. As I go through the process of compiling our address list for this letter, my thoughts turn to each of you and once again I wonder how a whole year has passed with so many missed opportunities to call, write, or visit. I keep making and neglecting New Year’s resolutions to be more faithful in this area but you see the result. Hopefully, I will improve when I am a little older and wiser.

For the Green family, 1995 has been another busy year full of change. Among the most important changes since our last letter:

Julia Rose Oller was born to her proud Momma (Jennifer) and Daddy (Rob) on Christmas Eve, 1994. She has grown up into the most amazingly cute little girl over the past 11 months and Grandma and Grandpa Green are very fond of her. We are trying to convince her parents to let her make an extended visit for several months, but they seem to be somewhat resistant at this point. I wonder why? But we will wait. Adolescence will approach one of these days.

Siheen Noah Green was born to Theresa on March 12, 1995. He was also a cute baby and Grandpa, who happened to be in New York on business at the time, got to see him the following day. He has been growing into a good-natured little boy who is keeping his Mom busy with his learning to crawl and so forth.

In June, Amy decide to step out on faith and move to North Carolina from Boston. She spent a few rough months working in retail until August when she miraculously found a job as a Physical Education teacher in Roxboro, which is close enough to Hillsborough for her to continue to live at home for the time being. Praise the Lord!

On August 24, we ushered Benjamin off to college at RPI in Troy, New York. Benjamin won a full-tuition + expenses Navy ROTC scholarship and elected RPI over several other good schools to which he was admitted. As proud as we are of him, we (I) are getting a little panicky: Our nest is emptying more quickly than we like.

On September 1 we closed the sale of the house in Milton. Despite our relief that the sale was finally complete, saying good-bye was hard, on several levels. The house itself holds so many memories, so many hours of work, so many victories, hopes, dreams, and occasions when we shared our lives with many of yours. Then there all of you in Milton and Marlboro who, we hope, will remain friends forever, but we have definitely moved away from. We can’t come back to the old house and have you come over anymore. I miss that. Lastly, hardest, it was the final end of a 21 year ministry/mission/lifestyle - call it what you will - and it has been hard to let go.

On October 30, Chris decided that her time with the Efland/Cheeks-Cedar Grove Family Resource center had been about as productive as it could be. After getting the center up and running successfully she found that she was spending most of her time on administrative work and too little time with people in need, and besides, we missed her at home. She has returned to us as full-time wife and mother and we are all happy.

Three weeks ago we broke ground for the renovation of our home here in Hillsborough, and the construction has been proceeding rapidly. When finished, we will have added much needed kitchen, living, utility, and bathroom space, as well as improving the house structurally and cosmetically. We are excited about the outcome, even though at the moment things are in total chaos.

On December 3, David will walk across the platform at the University of North Carolina - Greensboro to officially receive his diploma. He actually graduated in August, but is participating in the commencement exercises on Sunday. We are very proud of him.

So much for the major events. A quick rundown on family: Jeni and Rob have been mostly preoccupied with Julia Rose (not Julie!), but they are also coping with Rob’s new job with the Columbus Dispatch. One of his first assignments was to cover the Reds through their season and post-season games. Before you all start being envious, remember that he had to cover both home and away games, which kept him away from Jen and Julia both day and night when the Reds were on the road. They seem to be doing fine. Mike has moved back to Marlboro from California. He is doing very well. He quickly found a job and has his own apartment and car. He is a member of the Actors Guild, and hopes to work more in New York so he can be closer to the theater and movie action. Jason is living in Marlboro as well, and continues to work at his car detailing trade and write songs. As mentioned above, Amy is teaching in Roxboro and living at home. She continues to be a happy note in our lives. Theresa lives in Middletown with the two boys, Christopher and Noah. She is a good mother and friend, and is planning to begin working as soon as Noah is old enough for day care. Following graduation, David found a job with an on-line data services company where he provides technical support. He also is working for QualiNET on a part-time basis and living at home with us. Tim continues to attend Grove City College. After much thought and prayer, he has amended his major to include preparatory courses for medical school. Medical school is not definite, but at least he will have the preparation if he chooses to go in that direction. Otherwise, his major activities focus on choral and theater work. He is a member of the Grove City touring choir which will be touring *North Carolina* during spring break. We are looking forward to it. Ben seems to be surviving college life and its military adjunct nicely. He is thriving on the physical regimen and is expecting to be on the Dean’s list despite what appears to us to be an overwhelming activities calendar. Raleana turned a very sweet and lovely 16 last week. She is finding 10th grade a challenge, but is looking forward to the perks of being 16. I am already regretting having set 16 as the age she could begin dating. Carlisle, also in 10th grade, is a boy with everything going for him: smart, athletic, hard-working, responsible. He is working at a restaurant and playing basketball with a local league. We will need an agent when he gets ready to choose a college. Dan, also in 10th grade, has decided to apply to the North Carolina School of Math and Science for his junior and senior years. It is a very competitive appointment, and while he is realistic about his chances, he is taking it seriously. He takes the SAT exams tomorrow. Last but not least, Laura is learning what its like to be a sixth-grader and growing prettier every day. Is 13 the best or worst age to be? I forget.

As you can see, God has richly blessed this family in so many ways. He has also blessed the QualiNET Company, which has continued to grow over the past year. I have had as much business as I could do, and in some cases, more than I wanted. At the same time, I know that it is a cyclical business and I am trying to keep positioned for new markets and new services as we go into the next year.

In closing, we can still say with surety that God is faithful. All that we have committed to Him, He has kept safe, and moreover, increased. We wish that we could hear from each of you, just to be able to keep our information current and our prayers effective. May God bless you.


Allan, Chris, and the whole Green family