Saturday, October 02, 2004

Dear Favorite-Smelling-People,

I had a very good day today and the old man-smelling-person told me he would write whatever I told him so you would know all about it. It wasn’t such a good night last night because I had to sleep in a small room with my elderly father and the little new dog. I would much prefer to have slept where the nice woman-smelling-person sleeps, but the man-smelling-person wouldn’t let me. That is his loss, but it was probably best to keep Little dog company, so I didn’t mind too much.

Little dog and I got let out early by the man person and little dog immediately got in trouble by following him down the driveway when he went to get the paper bone he plays with. (I don’t understand why – they taste terrible). The man person chased him back using the “NO” sound and maybe he won’t do it again – I certainly know it is not allowed. While the man person ate his kibble I went and checked the fences and had a good visit with the big-strange-dogs-who-don’t-chase-sheep and the other smart dogs like me. I am particularly fond of the male dog who helped me last time. The people bark “KC” when he is around, so I guess that is his sound. Then the children-people came out and let all my friends out of their cages so we could play. I didn’t have much time to play because the man person came out of the house and asked me to help him with the duck infestation in the barn. I cleared it up and chased all the ducks down into the water, so I did a very good job. I fear, though, when I come home the ducks will come back. Oh well, perhaps I can teach one of the other smart dogs what to do when I come home.

Little dog did not have such a good morning. One of the scratchy animals came up to the house and Little Dog tried to play with it – after all, it is about his size, but when he ran up to it, the scratchy animal lashed out and sank those claws they have into his poor little cheek. He was so upset he spent most of the rest of the day hiding in the little sleeping room. I will try to talk to him about those animals. They can be fun to chase if you just remember about those claws, but he is a little young yet for that.

I couldn’t spend much time comforting Little Dog. While the humans were eating again (why do humans eat so often? Why not just eat more once a day?) I helped avert a disaster. I was watching the scratchy animals from the kitchen room when I noticed that the sheep-animals and some goat animals were LOOSE IN THE YARD! Obviously I needed to get outside quickly, so I barked to get out, and then the people noticed what was going on and we all went out and chased the sheep back into the barn. Thank goodness I was here to help.

In the afternoon the nice women-person came out to the barn and locked all the sheep into a little room. Then she and the man-person began giving them drinks of something bad-smelling while KC watched from one end of the room and I watched from the other. It was a very important job because the sheep would have (of course) squeezed through the gate and gotten away if I had not been watching them. With me there, they did not even try – every time they would run down to my end of the room I would remind them that THE WAY IS BARRED and, with KC doing the same thing at the other end, they were much easier for the people to catch. This took quite a while and by the time we were done, I was tired! I came back to the house and fell asleep in the “kitchen” room and slept most of the evening. By bedtime Little Dog felt better, and we played in the kitchen room for awhile before bed.

Well, that is all about my day. I hope that I can be as much help tomorrow – these humans obviously need more dogs. But, I will be glad to get home and keep our neighborhood under control. I am concerned about squirrel gangs rioting in my absence, as I know you are too.

I will be glad to smell home again,

Your dog,