Grass-Fed Beef

USDA inspected beef, free-range livestock raised on grass and hay only.  No BGH, food additives, or antibiotics.                               


Farm-Raised Pork

USDA inspected pork, really good stuff.  

Chicken and Eggs

Eggs from Heritage birds, and occasionally a selection of broilers.


American Chinchilla Rabbits

Registered Domestic Rabbits for show or for supper

Organic Produce

Seasonal produce sold at our Farm Stand, or through our CSA.




  • • Dexter cattle: a small, hardy, dual-purpose breed that does very well on grass and forage, raised for meat and pet milk.


  • • Jersey cattle: A smaller dairy breed, popular for its high butterfat content in its milk.


• Goats: 3 Alpines and a Nubian for pet milk, a billy goat and a few others just for fun. 


• Hogs, raised lean and tasty on surplus produce and no-additive, high-soy feed.


• Fowl: Delaware Buckeye and Silky chickens, Muscovy ducks, two bachelor (sigh!) geese, Pigons & Narragansett Turkeys.


•Border collies.

• And, Catfish in the pond.